Collaborative Contracting

Collaborative Contracting is changing the landscape of construction projects around the world by shifting parties away from positional and adversarial project management towards a fully open-book and collaborative approach. In doing so, the parties can focus their time, attention, and efforts on finding constructive solutions to project problems. Generally, such project delivery models are referred to as Integrated Project Delivery (or IPD) and Alliance Contracting. These contract types have been successfully implemented globally and Canada is starting to use the principles of collaborative contracting.




Having successfully guided a client through Ontario’s (and Canada’s) first Alliance procurement, lawyers at Margie Strub are best positioned to help you understand and navigate the new landscape of collaborative contracting. In order to provide the best quality of services, Margie Strub has partnered with international experts in Alliance contracts and collaborative contracting. These partnerships include jcpii, a UK-based and world-renowned leader in collaborative contracting as well as Graham Thomson, a well-respected construction lawyer who pioneered and developed the alliance contracts for the Pure Australian Alliance model in the late 1990s. Jcpii and Graham Thomson successfully introduced the Pure Australian Alliance Model to the UK and have since guided countless clients at all levels of the construction pyramid through all stages of alliance projects.