Margie Strub combines its experience litigating, arbitrating, and mediating contractual disputes with its substantial front-end commercial experience in order to provide clients with efficient, effective and business-focused legal advice.




Effective project risk management starts with the contract and whether you are drafting such a contract, negotiating its terms, or even where negotiation is not possible, understanding the language and its implications on your risk profile is critical. Every contract, every project, and every scope of work is unique and the implications of contractual language, including language found in standard form contracts, as well as the likelihood of such language impacting your business, will similarly vary on a case-by-case basis. Margie Strub has the experience to help you:





  • Draft contracts and supplementary conditions
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Create or refresh your standard templates
  • Structure complex contractual arrangements
  • Review and understand your contract and its risk profile, including where the terms are non-negotiable
  • Navigate through a procurement process, including the preparation of questions or requests for information