General Counsel Services

Many highly successful construction companies are without in-house counsel or otherwise have in-house counsel whose background or expertise do not include the details and intricacies of the various legal issues surrounding construction projects. Legal advice sought by companies from their in-house legal department is often different in nature from the advice sought from external counsel. In-house legal departments are expected to provide business-oriented advice and solutions to legal problems. Doing so requires the lawyer to think like a business owner and not just as a lawyer, understanding and managing a business which is not and cannot be completely free from any legal and contractual risk.




Margie Strub provides General Counsel services to companies who do not wish to run their own legal department or those who wish to supplement the General Counsel services of existing legal departments with legal advice from construction lawyers.  Margie Strub brings your company all of the benefits of having in-house counsel and can provide a broad range of in-house services, including:




  • General legal advice
  • Legal strategy management
  • Specialised external counsel management
  • Labour and Employment
  • Lease review and negotiation
  • Third party system contract review and negotiation
  • NDA preparation, review, and negotiation
  • RFP, RFQ, and/or tender process management
  • Training
  • Contract and PO form preparation
  • Policy and Standard Operating Procedure review and drafting
  • Miscellaneous commercial contract drafting and review
  • COVID-19 policy management


Margie Strub offers unique fee arrangements in order to best support the development of a strong working relationship between our firm and your team, one of the key features of the in-house lawyer relationship which does not often exist with external law firms managed by a single point of contact. Our goal is to facilitate a relationship of trust where your team is comfortable to reach out to our lawyers for fast, efficient, and cost-effective advice tailored to your business’s needs and risk profile.