When your issue becomes a dispute, the lawyers are Margie Strub have the legal and technical expertise to understand your issues, develop and execute an effective prosecution or defense strategy, and deliver a successful outcome.


At its core, Margie Strub is a firm of lawyers whose expertise is in prosecuting and defending clients involved in construction and construction-related disputes. These disputes often progress through different forums, including the courts, adjudication, arbitration, or some other form of alternative dispute resolution and often involve mediation as a mandatory or optional step.


Our lawyers have the experience and capabilities necessary to prosecute or defend your claim in any forum, including the courts of Ontario, UNCITRAL arbitrations, ICC Arbitrations, CCDC Arbitrations, ADR Institute of Canada Arbitrations, ad-hoc arbitrations, mediations, dispute review boards, adjudications and any other form of alternative dispute resolution. Our lawyers are also experienced in crafting issue-specific alternative dispute resolution processes aimed at achieving early resolution, including processes crafted upon collaboration principles intended to preserve the project relationship necessary to effectively deliver a project with your contracting partner.